Up-front and transparent – The way it should be

TalkingComs are one of the very few web development agencies to have an up-front, clear and public pricing structure. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please call us on 02476 465959.


Our standard hourly rate is £65.00 – or £500.00 per day.


We offer free initial consultancy with all projects. If you require additional consultancy such as strategic development, site audits, trouble
shooting or simply a second opinion on a project, our consultancy rate is £65.00 per hour.
Web design & development

Creative Design

c. £500.00 to £1500.00
Creative Design is the process whereby our designers create (based on the clients requirements) the ‘look and feel’ your web site will take. For smaller projects this can simply mean producing a design concept based on your requirements and working on it until you are ready to sign off. For larger projects this can include mood boards, focus groups and multiple design concepts

Web Development

With web design and development and the costs are very much based on the number of hours required to complete your project.

Pricing is very dependent on your requirements. All costs are fixed and agreed up front.

Starter web presence

c. £500 to £2000

Small user managed site with CMS

c. £2000 to £3000
Typically a small Drupal content managed site with the standard range of features and an off the shelf template.

Web Development – Range 1

c. £3000.00 to £4500.00
Typically a small TalkingComs Drupal content managed web site that includes bespoke professional design and the standard range of features.

Web Development – Range 2

c. £4500.00 to £6000.00
Typically your larger web sites or online applications (such as a CRM system) that requires more Drupal features and/or more bespoke elements. Can include online payments systems, interactive flash graphics, members areas, staff extranets, etc.

Web Development – Range 3

c. £6000.00+
Typically your larger project that requires many bespoke elements such as integration with other online/offline systems and functions that follow complex business rules.


We can offer ‘off the shelf’ or tailored internet marketing and search engine optimisation packages with a short or long term view to increase traffic, sales and profit.

Digital marketing works alongside web design and development to increase the probability that your audience will find you online. A properly executed strategy requires clear objectives, competitive analysis and search engine optimisation. Ongoing development helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

Benchmarking Report

c. £500 – £2,000
Understanding what your competitors are doing online is the first step to a competitive digital marketing strategy.

We will evaluate your internet marketing objectives and benchmark against competitors to inform the web design and SEM strategy.

Keyword Strategy Report

c. £500 – £2,000
Keyphrases are the short terms your customers type into a search engine to find you. Your keyphrase strategy is central to your online marketing success. The report will explore the keyphrases most suited to your business and target audience, concluding with guidelines for strategy implementation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

c. £500 – £2,000
SEO is the implementation of keyword strategy and competitive analysis. The process includes: search engine index inclusion, internal link optimisation and external link building. On-page optimisation will be applied to the
main pages of your site.

Additional On-Page Optimisation

£65 per page
Organic SEO requires targeted keyphrases that are optimised on as many pages as possible. Our on-page optimisation service involves writing an optimal density of targeted keyphrases into the content, links and metadata of the page.

Ongoing Progress Evaluation

£500 per day
SEO is an iterative process, and great results require regular progress reviews and alterations.

TalkingComs will:
evaluate keyphrase rankings, optimise keywords, review site content, and explore linking strategies, to ensure that prominent listings are achieved and regulated over time.

Paid Search (PPC) Management

£500 per day
Paid search campaigns have been proven to provide excellent ROI and offer immediate measurable results.

TalkingComs develops and manages Google AdWords campaigns to complement strategic search engine optimisation efforts.

Managed Email Marketing Campaign

£500.00 – Template Design
£390.00 – Managed Campaign

Your template will be tested in a number of applications such as Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes. The managed campaign includes account setup, importing data, creating html email template, inputting content, doing test sends, send, monitor and access to live stats.

SEO Marketing training

£500.00 per person

Web Copywriting training

£300.00 per person

Content research & development

£65.00 per hour


Bug fixes Free
Any maintenance or bug issues are resolved free of charge.


All new development work is charged at our standard hourly rate.

Drupal Training

One to one training in how to use the Drupal content management system to keep your site up-to-date.

Web services


Standard Linux web hosting £ 20.00/month
Our servers are monitored 24/7 with support staff automatically contacted by email and sms when any issues arrive. Server uptime is guaranteed at 99.99% and technical support is covered by our Service Level Agreement
(copy on request).

Domain names

All domain names have free web & email forwarding.
co.uk, org.uk, me.uk, net.uk, ltd.uk, plc.uk £ 25.00/ years

com, net, org, tel, it, tv, biz, info, mobi, name £ 30.00/year

Pop3 mailbox with web interface £ 30.00 setup (per 10 mailboxes) + £30.00/year per mailbox