Spyware Removal

Spyware RemovalThis is a cracking tool for removing malware, spyware and trojans off your windows PC. Plus there’s a free scanner.

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Google Chrome Spyware Tool

Google Chrome ToolDo you use Google Chrome and think you have dogy spyware on your computer. Well this Google tool is the doggy for sorting it out.

Windows 7 more popular than ever

Windows 7Windows 7 use surges, while Windows 8 and 8.1 popularity falls

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/windows-7-use-surges-windows-8-8-1-popularity-falls/#ixzz3FLz1jl8W

Central Electrics Fusebox Campaign

Central Electrics are offering a fixed price to upgrade a fuse box. Old fuse boxes are the source of many electrical faults that result in fire, injury and worse. Central Electrics campaign aims to make it easy for homeowners replace old and dangerous fuse boxes.

Fuseboard Upgrades With RCD Protectection

Many people assume that because their lights come on when they flick the switch everything is ok but this is not necessarily the case says Steve ‘Just because everything works when you switch it on doesn’t mean the wiring behind the walls is safe. Wire which has been in your house for over 25 years should be replaced and your fuse box should have a device which will switch everything off if there is a fault. If you don’t have one of these and you have old wires, you are at risk’.

Every year in the UK 70 people die and 350,000 are injured as a result of electrical accidents in the home and half of all accidental fires in the home are caused by electricity. Many of these fires could have been prevented if an RCD had been in place. Steve explains ‘An RCD is a safety device fitted on fuse boxes which automatically shuts off the power to an electrical circuit if a fault is detected. This could prevent you or your family from being electrocuted or a fire from starting’. RCD’s also detect faulty appliances which are a major cause of fire in the UK.

For more information and special pricing visit Central Electrics

Anthony Pillage Wins ‘Coventry Sporting Hero’ Award

Anthony Pillage Wins Sporting Hero AwardAt The Coventry Telegraph Awards on Friday 21st February our client Anthony Pillage won ‘The Pride Of Coventry & Warwickshire Community Awards – Sporting Hero”.

Tony set up The Way Of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts School in 2003 and since then has had hundreds if not thousands of students through his door. Each one is treated as an individual. Students (and indeed families) come to Tony with their problems – not just martial arts based problems – and Tony takes time to talk to them and try to help.

He mentors all – from disadvantaged young adults with no direction, to mothers at the end of their tethers with their lives and situation.

We were privileged to witness the awards and capture the winning moment to share.  Using an iPhone and a little post production the triumphant moment was captured then shared via the various channels we use to promote the business. Social media and Facebook are for Tony and The Way Of The Spiritual Warrior really important channels. Having built up a following on the Facebook page with engaging content, regularly updated within a few days the captured winning moment was seen by over 2,600+ people and still counting.

Congratulations on the award Tony and a great example where content captured can be shared with those that are interested in your business.  A social media win-win all round.

The Winning Moment

Central Electrics Win Top Award


Coventry electricians, Steve Friel, has been named a ‘runner up’ in a competition to find the best tradesman in the country and Midlands winners. TalkingComs have been working with Central Electrics with their online marketing and are thrilled to a local company recognised in a National competition.

Thousands entered ‘Britain’s Top Tradesman’, organised by trade retailer Screwfix, with the top 10 attending a final at Wembley Stadium, on the 5 November, to face a panel of esteemed judges. Due to the high standard of finalists this year, Steve, aged 34, has been recognised as a ‘runner up’ along with one other tradesman.

‘Britain’s Top Tradesman’, organised by trade retailer Screwfix, is a comprehensive search to find and recognise the best in the trade, from bricklayers to carpenters, helpful handymen, exceptional electricians and perfect plumbers that keep the UK’s homes and businesses in top condition.

Steve, who runs Central Electrics, impressed the panel of judges with his hard work and commitment in establishing his successful business. His use of technology to provide great customer service also made him stand out – he sends customers automated text messages to let them know he is on his way and uses cloud computing so his team know what’s happening in the business in real time. .

Steve comments: “I’m absolutely thrilled to receive this special recognition from Screwfix. I strive for excellence in customer service and always keep an eye out to see what other companies do to see if I can adapt it for my business. I also detail fixed prices on my website so customers know what to expect from a job and will follow up with them when we have completed the work to make sure they are happy.”

Steve was in the navy for six years and he applies his discipline and attention to detail to his business today: “Central Electrics has built up a great customer base, and the team get a real buzz from their work. I hope to inspire others thinking of a career change to give it a go – I have never looked back!”

John Mewett, Marketing Director at Screwfix, said: “Britain’s Top Tradesman, is a nationwide search to find and recognise the best in the business. We were overwhelmed by this year’s finalists, and it was such a difficult decision to pick the winner. Steve goes above and beyond for his customers and demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit and passion. What’s more, he had great feedback from his customers, does remarkable work for the local community and is a fantastic example to others in the industry.”

Central Electrics Light Up Christmas

Central Electrics Create A Stunning Christmas Lightshow For Zoe’s Place – Baby Hospice In Coventry

Four weeks ago Central Electric’s boss Steve Friel came up with an idea to put a Christmas smile on some very deserving faces. For the past few weekends Steve and the Central team have created something that will share a little Christmas magic at Zoe’s Place, a baby hospice in Coventry.

It’s a Christmas light show like you’ve never seen before using the entire front of the building as the light stage and then beautifully choreographed to music. It runs for 30 minutes and will display everyday from 14th December at 5pm up to Christmas. Its free to come and watch, there will be hot chocolate and mince pies on offer so get there early.

Taking on such a project meant a lot of hard work for the Central Electrics and to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they marvel at the Christmas lights is what Christmas spirit is all about and well worth doing according to boss Steve Friel.

For his business as well, it’s a win-win, highlighting what services Central Electrics has to offer and they are indeed a great choice to do business with. TalkingComs helped capture and share the moment by filming but one song in this festive sound and light extravaganza.

Christmas Fun Created By Coventry’s Central Electrics

National Get Safe Online Week : 28th October

It’s national Get Safe Online week, so we thought we’d share some helpful tips on how you can stay safe online, especially in the run up to Christmas courtesy of Capital One.

1.    Be careful when clicking on links in emails.
Some fraudsters try to impersonate companies by sending you an email that looks like it’s from your bank or an online store, asking you for personal or financial information. This is called Phishing. If you’re not confident that the email is genuine, the best thing to do is go to the website you know directly to carry out your business.

2.    Have more than one username and different passwords for online accounts.
This way if one of them ever gets compromised a fraudster will not be able to access more than one of your online accounts.

3.    Check your credit card and bank statements regularly.
Always keep an eye on the transactions that show on your statements. If you’re ever unsure whether you made the transaction then contact your bank or credit card provider and let them know straight away.

4.    Know that we’ll never ask you for account details in our emails.
When we credit card companies email you, they never ask you to submit personal or account information. They always address our emails to you personally and include the last four digits of your card number. This way you can be sure it’s real.

Who is tracking you?

Ever wondered how your information is being shared. Firefox has a plugin called Collusion and it shows how your data is shared. I’ve got only three pages open, LinkedIn, Ebay and Amazon. Each dot represents sites that are exchanging your information. There’s quite a lot of dots. Is it good and helpful or tracking to far?

Collusion - A Firefox plugin reveals tracking information